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Previously, the world had to do without: webpages about silken fungus beetles! Now that sad state is corrected.

Cryptophagidae are distributed world-wide , but they prefer temperate regions. In the tropics, most of them live at higher altitudes.

Cryptophagidae are a small family: currently around 600 species are described, a lot of species are not yet named, and several genera need revision.

Their life history is poorly known. Presumably most of them need fungus - but not all?! Some species or genera feed on pollen or spores (rather than just eating the mould or other fungi).



 Antherophagus pallens (Linné, 1758) (former nigricornis)                                                       (C) Frank Hesse


You´ll find here in the next future more images, papers and informations on Cryptophagidae.



 Feb.: New images in the gallery of Cryptophagidae!


Curelius johnsoni Esser, 2017  - Cryptophagidae of the month.  Recently described from RSA and named after Colin Johnson (UK) to honor his extensive work on Cryptophagidae.